A remake of the classic arcade game Scramble where a spaceship fights a colony of alien invaders.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Arrow up : up
Arrow down : down
Z : fire
X : bomb


Scramble is a classic arcade shooter released from Konami in 1981. In Scramble a spaceship travels from left to right through a space landscape taking on hordes of alien enemies such as rockets, shooting bullet creatures, meteors and so on. While the spaceship moves on the screen, fuel is consumed then the player must destroy containers to gain fuel. The contact with an enemy or the end of fuel cause the loss of one life. When all lives are lost, the game is over.

Scrambler plays exactly with the same mechanics of Scramble. Even the graphic is the same since the sprites for the spaceship and the enemies have been ripped from the original arcade game. However, even 30 years after, the level design of Scramble is much more interesting than this non-official remake. Having played the first three levels, I can say that these are all very similar with only limited variations. Moreover, the control of the spaceship with the keyboard is difficult and often leads to undesired results. Overall, a below-average remake that can only appeal to great fans of the original game.

Game Score : 45%