A 2D platform game where the player must explore a cubic world to find the exit of each level.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Arrow up : jump


Sequester tells the story of a young girl dead in a car accident. Her little brother experiences nightmares during the night where he is teleported in a strange world populated by wicked creatures and he has to find a door to exit the dream. Each level consists of 6 single screen platforms environments. Each screen represents a face of a cube, thus by properly moving between the screens, each screen can be accessed in four different angle orientations. The player must thus choose the right route to reach the screen where the exit door is placed in the correct orientation. 

While the gameplay mechanics are original, the biggest flaw of the game is that, much of the time, the player can not see clearly all the six cube faces, so the choice of the route is often trial and error. Another concern with the gameplay is that, while the game starts easy and slowly increases the difficulty level, the last levels are somewhat easier that those found in the middle of the game. The graphic and sound are of very high level and strongly support the story.

Game Score : 69%