Reach the end of level door while avoiding obstacles in this short but fun platform game.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Spacebar : jump
Shift : change perspective



Shift mixes the game mechanics from platform and puzzle games. In the game the player controls a man who must reach the end of level door to proceed to the next level. The first levels are very easy and the player can succeed only by using his jumping skills. Later, a new ability is introduced: by pressing the keyboard button shift (here the name of the game) the player perspective is changed (the screen as well as the player are mirrored upside down), thus leading to a lot of possibilities to work out the level.

Shift graphic is nothing special. All the objects on the screen are represented with only two colors (black and white) and the graphic is very stylized. A pleasant background music is played during the game and can be turned off if it gets annoying. The game is fun and entertaining but the main drawbacks is that it lacks challenge. The number of available levels are few and the game does not last very long. Overall a fun but very short action puzzle game.

Game Score : 60%