Help a soldier to survive an enemy territory and make him return to his own camp.


Keys used in the game


Completely controlled by mouse


Soldier diary puts the player in control of a lone soldier, entrapped in an enemy territory full of dangers and enemies. The soldier must survive all these obstacles and get back to his own camp. The game is essentially a point and click adventure. The action is fully controlled by mouse. By clicking on different things/people in the environment an action is triggered that can help the soldier in the attempt of clearing the level  or lead him to death. The action takes place in single screen levels and the soldier, that starts the level in the left side, must overcame obstacles and reach the right side of the level.

Even if the game can be described as third person point and click adventure, the game is very simple. The actions to be performed are often suggested to the player with graphical symbols placed near the objects to be clicked. Moreover, the situations where the player can effectively die for a wrong decisions are few, so the gameplay is reduced to “click to everything on the scene”. The strong point of the game is in the original graphics used to tell the story and the funny animations of the characters. The game is short (15 – 20 minutes) but funny.

Game Score : 68%