A short action puzzle game where you must drive safely the Nabbles  to the exit door using a box.


Keys used in the game

Arrow left : left
Arrow right : right
Arrow up : jump


In “you are a box” the player takes control of a box that must be moved to safely drive some sort of strange creatures (the Nabbles) to the exit door present in each level. If one of the Nabbles (a maximum of two can be present in each level) touch the spikes it dies and the level must be played again from the beginning. The box can be moved left or right and can even jump after it collects a propeller power-up (a single jump for each propeller collected).

The graphics is quite original. It is sketched as a kid drawing (see the screenshots) and I think it fits good for this type of games. The music is also funny but can turn boring after a while. A mute option is however present. The first levels are very easy and represent a sort of tutorial to approach the gameplay but, after some levels, the difficulty rises and timing in the performed action becomes the key for success. The real big drawback of the game is that is really short. It can be completed in about 15 - 20 minutes.

Game Score : 62%